I am psychosynthesis psychotherapist and I have been in practice since 2001. I trained originally as a Psychosynthesis psychotherapist at the Institute of Psychosynthesis in London. I was a member of faculty  at the Institute of Psychosynthesis and worked as a trainer, group leader and course tutor. 

I am currently in private practise as a psychotherapist and supervisor. I am also a training therapist and work with students from different training backgrounds. Alongside my one to one work I offer workshops, retreats and trainings both online and in person. 

My way of working is grounded in psychosynthesis and is informed by several threads; Marion Woodman's BodySoul work with the body, dream work and the creative imagination, Mindfulness, Authentic Movement, Open Floor and Somatic Experiencing and the work of Pat Ogden. I am a Veriditas trained labyrinth facilitator and have been offering labyrinth retreat days, workshops and groups since 2005 and for the last few years I have been training with Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes, beloved author of "Women Who Run With The Wolves" at the Institute for Archetypal and Cross-Cultural Studies in Colorado.

Psychosynthesis is an integrative transpersonal psychology that acknowledges that we are all unique and individual souls on a journey through life. Psychosynthesis holds that we are more than our problems and our failures, and that at the deepest levels of our beings we are all seeking a way to fulfill our potential and live more of who we truly are. Psychosynthesis embraces all aspects of human experience, from the physical to the spiritual.

I work with a wide range of issues from bereavement to relationship issues and anxiety and stress. I have a particular interest in exploring how we navigate life's different thresholds and try to live more of who we really are, whilst also meeting the demands of daily life.

Alongside my therapy and supervision work I also facilitate groups and lead retreat days and workshops. My group work weaves together body and movement work, myth and story, meditation and personal reflection and often includes a candlelit labyrinth walk. I call my group work Journey Of The Soul and you can find further information about current groups and workshop sat the link below. 

There is also a link to a pdf article about a labyrinth walk retreat day.