Sacred Thread workshops 2012


A Journey For Women


Join us for 2 days of soulful discovery in 2012

Summer Solstice June 16th

Autumn Equinox September 22nd


Join us to celebrate and explore the Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox points of 2012. These powerful archetypal points mark the turning cycle of the year and provide rich themes for each workshop.


Sacred Thread courses provide opportunities for creative personal exploration and self expression. Each course is an individual retreat day of soul nourishment and fun, with time to explore how symbols and images from these potent times of year can inspire and support you.


The days are open to women of all ages and include a candlelit walk on a beautiful, large canvas labyrinth. Walking the labyrinth will stir your creative imagination, transform blocks and open a connection to your deeper self.


Places are limited and early booking is recommended.

Course fee £75 per day.

For further information and to reserve your place

Call 020 8292 9328 or 0788 149 2342 (London) or 01625 574943 (Cheshire)

Jay Edge MA, is a Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator and works in private practise as a Psychosynthesis Psychotherapist in London.


Elizabeth Clarke MA, is a Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator, an experienced trainer and has a Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy practise in Cheshire.